Most people who are shopping for home inspection prices ask “how much?” before they ask about experience, education, background etc. If you are shopping for the cheapest price available, it is likely that you will be able to find lower prices than ours simply by calling less experienced home inspectors. Considering that buying a home is generally the largest investment that the average person makes in their life, saving $100.00 on an inspection fee is a poor trade off for hiring an inexperienced inspector. That said, we think that you will find us very competative with other inspectors of our caliber. Also, we do not pretend that we can inspect any house within 2 ½ hours. We spend as much time as it takes on site to address all of the items that are set out in the “Standards of Practice”.


Don't assume that all inspectors know what they are doing. Get the value that an experienced inspector brings to the table even if it does cost $50 or $100 more. Bang for your buck is absolutely more important than cost when committing to the amount of money that homes go for these days.

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