Green and Lean, but including all of the important information that you absolutely need to make an intelligent, informed, and confident purchase decision. Our green package uses less than 25 pages of paper, and saves you the cost of the filler material.ree package that uses less than 25 pages of paper and saves you the cost of the “filler m

$400.00 plus HST.  HightecH’s  baseline price for homes up to 2500 square feet.

If you do want hard copy home reference material we will provide you with a copy of  “ HOME CARE A Guide to Repair and Maintenance

For an extra $65.00 plus HST


(Note that some home inspectors automatically include similar reference material as part of their baseline

package.  At HightecH we have found through ongoing consultations with our clients, that most

do not want to pay an extra $65.00 for hard copy information that might simply gather dust on a bookshelf.

Information that, in any event, is available for free on the internet).