New Home Inspection

We do not provide code inspections. We do provide pre-delivery inspections on new homes. Most new homes have already been inspected by the city inspectors or others having jurisdiction, but we have found that many aspects of new homes are not evaluated by these inspectors. City inspectors do progress inspections as the home is being built to ensure that building codes are being followed etc. They simply do not have time to evaluate quality or to check for component functions etc.

At HightecH we spend the time necessary on a new home inspection to determine if the home meets the Residential Construction Performance Guide (Click to download).
This is basically to ensure that the home has been built in accordance with the standards of the industry and normal construction practices. We can also evaluate whether or not the home adheres to and meets the advertised promises by the builder, the contract documents, and the plans.

Generally new home inspections to see if the home meets the standards of the industry cost about the same as pre-purchase home inspections. Further review of contract, advertising, and plan documents will cost more due to the extra time involved, however this extra investigation can be usefull in disputed cases. We always give all of the conditions in your new home thoughtful reflection, and we report honestly and fairly on what we see.

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