November 11, 2013

Commercial Property Condition Assessments




HightecH Inspection provides Property Condition Assessments as part of the Due Diligence Process that identifies problems, deficiencies, hazards, etc., through the completion of a visual inspection of the property. HightecH ensures that a complete site survey of the building structure is conducted including systems, components, services and external site features. The report (PCR) is completed in general conformance with the ASTM Practice E2018 - 01, Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessments Process. The Scope of work for the assessment and report includes:

  1. a complete visual inspection of the building structure including the building envelope (roof, wall, window systems) interior finishes, electrical/mechanical systems, accessible structural components, fire/life safety and exterior site features (i.e. walkways, roadways, parking, landscaping, etc.);
  2. written and photographic documentation of each component together with observed deficiencies;
  3. review of general documentation on the repair/maintenance history of the elements;
  4. cursory review of client supplied drawings and/or previous reports pertaining to the Site building;
  5. visit City Hall to obtain information not supplied by client;
  6. interviews and discussions with on-Site personnel regarding the repair/maintenance conducted on the Site building;
  7. compilation of HISC findings in a formal written report including observed deficiencies, together with a list of recommendations for repair/replacement with associated estimated costs;
  8. Outline recommendations for remedial work including likely remaining lifespan of all major components along with associated budget costs, and recommendation for prioritizing all of the repairs, maintenance, and ideally recommended upgrades.

Upon completion of the Site survey, a written report is prepared and submitted within 3 working days after the completion of the inspection.




Daniel K. Brown RHI, BC License # 47573,

CEO - HightecH Inspection